These are not final representations of what you will see when the 2010 Camaros hit the dealers. These are test mules used for aerodynamics, high speed and endurance testing. Enjoy them, just don't judge the car too harshly til we see the final product later this year.
bowtiebrigade006039.jpg bowtiebrigade006038.jpg bowtiebrigade006037.jpg
Ok, I know what you're thinking.....a four door? The first mules are typically disguised under the skin of another car on the same platform so that nobody on the street will think anything about the car beside them at the stoplight. Let's face it, the best test for any car is real-world driving in everyday traffic........but the way paparazzi are on new cars, they would never make it if they didn't start out as something else. Also, click on the pics and view them full-size. Those rear doors aren't functional.......and the back end has been modified to accept those larger mufflers.
bowtiebrigade006036.jpg bowtiebrigade006035.jpg bowtiebrigade006034.jpg bowtiebrigade006033.jpg bowtiebrigade006032.jpg bowtiebrigade006031.jpg bowtiebrigade006030.jpg bowtiebrigade006029.jpg bowtiebrigade006028.jpg
I don't know if it's love or just a really good posed picture by Bob Lutz and Ed Welburn of Chevrolet to ignite questions and what if questions by everyone on the Camaro forums.

According to Bob Lutz's own blog on Fastlane (part of www.gm.com) he and Ed took a trip to Oz to see how the progress was coming on the 2010 Camaros and when Ed saw the zebra-striped prototype, he couldn't contain himself and broke ranks and ran over to hug it. It was exciting when this pic hit the boards as Ed was so strategically placed in front of the B pillar area that we had learned that the Camaro would indeed have. You can see more on that below.

As you will see in the next set of pics, the zebra-striping does a great job of making the prototypes look almost unidentifiable. Whoever applies them, knows how to make them look like something else from a distance that's for sure.

Some of the photoshop guys went to work immediately trying to see what details from the concept were still shown on the prototypes. Click on each for a larger, yet blurry version.

Little did we know that there was in fact a "Camaro in white" pic coming and it was a shot heard round the net..................
bowtiebrigade006027.jpg bowtiebrigade006026.jpg bowtiebrigade006025.jpg

Supposedly taken by a now released employee, this half-camoed Camaro prototype started an internet buzz that was unprecedented. Forums exploded with activity overnight from the first postings and all of the major automotive websites picked it up. Although I do not know who took the picture, I copied it and posted it to two other Camaro forums and from there, it just went everywhere. I post as NVMY68SS in case you decide to go check it out. I know that it's a bad camera-phone picture, but it showed me that the production cars were going to be extremely close to the concepts. Now, I will add that several members on the Camaro team were extremely disappointed when this pic come out, but it did generate a lot of positive feedback on the car.

Click on the small inset Bumblebee for a comparison.
bowtiebrigade006024.jpg bowtiebrigade006023.jpg bowtiebrigade006022.jpg bowtiebrigade006021.jpg bowtiebrigade006020.jpg bowtiebrigade006019.jpg bowtiebrigade006018.jpg bowtiebrigade006017.jpg bowtiebrigade006016.jpg bowtiebrigade006015.jpg bowtiebrigade006014.jpg bowtiebrigade006013.jpg bowtiebrigade006012.jpg bowtiebrigade006011.jpg
What can we say? They are prototype pics of unfinished cars taken on their way to winter testing early January 2008.............they even have duct tape holding the dashes together. The last interior pic was cleaned up by one of the forum readers.........personally, I don't think it looks that bad. I would like to see a nav system in there, but these may not be the absolute final interiors or package options. We'll see when the production RPOs are listed.
January 3, 2008
FINALLY!! Just hours after the zebra-striped cars were snapped on the hauler, GM releases a full bodied prototype picture without it's camo. Actually, Bob Lutz sent out a memo stating that all of the camo was to be removed from the prototypes as it was causing problems in the testing in the cooling and aerodynamics areas. Whatever the reason, were were glad to see this pic.
This is the pic released by GM. Click it to see a larger scale version posted in the Detroit Free Press website........I have to wonder if GM meant for it to get out.
bowtiebrigade006010.jpg bowtiebrigade006009.jpg bowtiebrigade006008.jpg bowtiebrigade006007.jpg bowtiebrigade006006.jpg bowtiebrigade006005.jpg bowtiebrigade006004.jpg bowtiebrigade006003.jpg bowtiebrigade006002.jpg bowtiebrigade006001.jpg
Ok, nobody except those within GM know for sure what the actual color palette will be for the 2010 Camaro, but that doesn't mean we can't dream about our favorite colors. I'm still torn on what I want mine to be, but black is taking an early lead in the polls.