Ok, while the "Red Pusher" may not have a drivetrain and finished interior, the styling cues of the body are the items that I was most interested in checking out. While these items are going to have some details that will change as well, i.e. the fuel filler location, side mirror sizes and the quarter window functions in order to achieve a five star crash rating, it still gives you an idea of what the car is going to look like. Especially, since we keep hearing that you have to have the production version next to the concept to see the differences. Time will tell. And for all those people that say you can't appreciate this car fully in pictures, they are right. It's a lot more visually appealing when you get to walk around the car. That's it, hope you enjoy the pics.
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bowtiebrigade030080.jpg bowtiebrigade030079.jpg bowtiebrigade030078.jpg bowtiebrigade030077.jpg bowtiebrigade030076.jpg bowtiebrigade030075.jpg bowtiebrigade030074.jpg bowtiebrigade030073.jpg bowtiebrigade030072.jpg bowtiebrigade030071.jpg bowtiebrigade030070.jpg bowtiebrigade030069.jpg bowtiebrigade030068.jpg bowtiebrigade030067.jpg bowtiebrigade030066.jpg bowtiebrigade030065.jpg bowtiebrigade030064.jpg bowtiebrigade030063.jpg bowtiebrigade030062.jpg bowtiebrigade030061.jpg bowtiebrigade030060.jpg bowtiebrigade030059.jpg bowtiebrigade030058.jpg bowtiebrigade030057.jpg bowtiebrigade030056.jpg bowtiebrigade030055.jpg bowtiebrigade030054.jpg bowtiebrigade030053.jpg bowtiebrigade030052.jpg bowtiebrigade030051.jpg bowtiebrigade030050.jpg bowtiebrigade030049.jpg bowtiebrigade030048.jpg bowtiebrigade030047.jpg bowtiebrigade030046.jpg bowtiebrigade030045.jpg bowtiebrigade030044.jpg bowtiebrigade030043.jpg bowtiebrigade030042.jpg bowtiebrigade030041.jpg bowtiebrigade030040.jpg bowtiebrigade030039.jpg bowtiebrigade030038.jpg bowtiebrigade030037.jpg bowtiebrigade030036.jpg bowtiebrigade030035.jpg
Well, it might have been created by Saleen and ride on a GTO chassis, but I still think this car is something to see. Sure, as mentioned above, there are some production items that will be different than what we see here, but to get an overall sense of the car, if you can't see it in person, pics are the next best thing.

I hope to get to see the convertible and the silver concepts in the future. Be sure to check back to see when pics are added. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed getting to see it in person.

I asked a friend of mine's son if he liked the car when he saw it. His response was, " I don't like it, I love it! "
What else can be said after you hear a kid that can't even drive yet say that. I'm betting his generation will be hot rodding the 5th Gens like many of us are doing to the others now. Thanks GM for putting a love for cars, and Camaros into the hearts of a new generation.
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bowtiebrigade030034.jpg bowtiebrigade030033.jpg bowtiebrigade030032.jpg bowtiebrigade030031.jpg bowtiebrigade030030.jpg bowtiebrigade030029.jpg bowtiebrigade030028.jpg bowtiebrigade030027.jpg bowtiebrigade030026.jpg bowtiebrigade030025.jpg bowtiebrigade030024.jpg bowtiebrigade030023.jpg bowtiebrigade030022.jpg bowtiebrigade030021.jpg bowtiebrigade030020.jpg bowtiebrigade030019.jpg bowtiebrigade030018.jpg bowtiebrigade030017.jpg bowtiebrigade030016.jpg bowtiebrigade030015.jpg bowtiebrigade030014.jpg bowtiebrigade030013.jpg bowtiebrigade030012.jpg bowtiebrigade030011.jpg bowtiebrigade030010.jpg bowtiebrigade030009.jpg bowtiebrigade030008.jpg bowtiebrigade030007.jpg bowtiebrigade030006.jpg bowtiebrigade030005.jpg bowtiebrigade030004.jpg bowtiebrigade030003.jpg bowtiebrigade030002.jpg bowtiebrigade030001.jpg